The Best type of Dog Fence for your Dog

We take a look at the different types of dog fencing options you have. We look at the Petsafe Wireless dog fence system, Wooden Panelling dog fences, Chain link fences for dog containment and the wired or boundary wire radio dog fence system.

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Which Petsafe System Should you get?

Wireless Dog fence system

The Petsafe Wireless dog fence system is one of the best solutions for allowing your dog to be safe and letting him roam around your garden. You need to consider whether you want or can install a boundary wire fence. If you cannot or do not want to install a boundary wire, then the wireless dog fence system is the way forward for you. The electronic dog fence is designed to keep your pets safe. This used to involve digging or installing a circuit wire or boundary wire to keep your dog contained.


Factors for a Wireless Dog Fence System

  • There are certain factors you need to consider before you purchase a wireless dog fence system. A Wireless does not really suit narrow gardens, the property needs to be at least 30 ft wide.
  • Wireless dog fence kit is not ideal for properties that slope or have big slants in them.
  • Wireless dogfence collar or dogfence systems cannot be used with houses that have a mobile phone signal booster or smart meter.
  • The wireless dog fence collar or petsafe receiver is heavy and bulky and not suitable for small dogs or cats.
  • A wireless dog fence collar cannot be worn indoors as is prone to activation from objects within the house.
  • There are certain things that can interrupt the signal of the wireless dog fence system. Heavily wooded areas, any large metal objects and fencing can affect the signal of the wireless dog fence system.


Wired Dog fence System

The difference between the wired dog fence system and the Wireless dog fence system is that you must install a boundary wire around your property for the wired dog fence system. This both has its advantages and disadvantages as with the wireless dog fence system. The wired dog fence system collars are smaller than the wireless dog fence system.


Factors for a Wired Dog Fence System


  • Wired Dog fence systems can be installed on any terrain, hills or slants are not an issue for wired dog fence systems as the are for Wireless Systems.
  • A boundary wire is consistent and there are no mixed messages for the dog
  • The wired dog fence collar and system can cover up a much larger area than the wireless dog fence system.
  • The wired dog fence collar is much smaller than the wireless dog fence collar.
  • Boundary wire can be broken so this boundary wire for the wired dog fence system should be buried.





Petsafe Wireless & Wired Fencing system

Set Up Time Petsafe Systems

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Puppy Dog Bouncin in the box like thisssss

A video of a young puppy seemingly dancing in a box whilst a guy is rapping about him! Brilliant!

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Shock Collars and Radio Dog Fences

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All Dog Shock Collars, Radio Wireless Fences, Inground Dog Systems, Wired dog systems should be used to help to keep you dogs safe & unharmed. is adamant that these products should be used with caution and complete care

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The Best Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence System

A review by the Pet God of wireless dog containment systems for 2021 has left the Petsafe Wireless Fence system at #1 scoring it 9.8 out of 10! Here we show what was said about the Petsafe system

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