Best type of Dog Fences for you

The Best type of Dog Fence for your Dog

Owen Connaughton

Dog fences are very important tool to protect your loving little furry animal, but they can be expensive. But love is expensive. Dogs can be very inquisitive, adventurous, and curious so they often are seen wandering when they can. And every pet owner knows the dread of losing a pet. So, it’s important that we keep our animals safe but give them free space as well. So, we are going to investigate the best type of dog fences for your dogs.

Types of Dog Fences:

  • Chain Link Dog Fence

  • Wooden Panelled Dog Fence

  • Wired Dog Fence System

  • Wireless Dog Fence System


Chain Link Dog Fence

Chain Link Dog fences is one of the cheaper options to go with for your dog fence. This will work as a good dog containment system without the large cost that comes with other containment systems. It can be installed very quickly and is great for the normal sized garden. These are of minimal maintenance, and they allow your dog to see past the fence so he can people or dog watch. However, he might be barking all day at strangers walking by as well as your own privacy in your garden being limited given that it is a chain link fence. Other things to think about is that these fences are not portable, and you will more than likely need someone to install it for you

Chain Link Dog fence


Solid Dog Fenceing

This is much like the Chain Link dog fence however with building a solid wood panelling dog containment system, you get allot more privacy as well as your dog not being able to bark at passers by or other dogs or cats like they would with the chain linking fence. So, you could say this dog containment method is also a bark control method as well. There is no dog training involved in this method and it is great for smaller gardens. However, this can get expensive depending on the size of your yard. You will also need someone to help you install this dog containment system if you are not handy with your hands.


Wooden Dog Fence


Petsafe Wired Dog Fence System

The Wired Dog fence system is one of our favourite ways to help keep your dog safe as well as giving them space to roam. Here you place a boundary wire around your garden and put what is often referred to as a shock collar on your dogs neck. If your dog goes passed this wire, he/she will get a shock. It is important to place the flags you are given around the wire to show the dog the perimeter. You have to train your dog when starting this method, but it should not take one or two attempts at showing him before he/she gets the picture. The dog will receive a warning noise before they are shocked as well. You should turn down the level of shock once you are done with the training. It is important to note the level of shock isn’t that bad. It’s just a deterrent. This method is a portable method and is quite inexpensive and not labour intensive whatsoever.


Petsafe Wired Radio Dog Fence



Wireless Dog Fence

The wireless dog fence is much the same however there is no boundary wire. Instead, it is a radius around the Dog Fence Transmitter box that the dog cannot pass. This is quite convenient however there are certain features to this that might make it not suit your environment. Your Garden or yard needs to be at least 30 ft wide, it needs to be level and you cant have a smart electric meter. These are some of the factors, you can check which Petsafe system might suit you here. Other than that this system is of great quality and is one of the great  Dog containment system.


Petsafe Wireless Radio Dog Fence System

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