have been selling Radio Dog Fences for over 15 years. Petsafe is one of the market leader for dog containment systems and dog training products in Ireland. We are an authorized distributor for Petsafe Radio Fence Ltd. We offer excellent service for both sales and after sales. Radio fence system is an excellent containment systems for any dog no matter how big or small. The Radio fence system’s have been tested by dog trainers and vets and are specifically designed to be the best containment system on the market today.

No two dogs are the same. We offer different dog containment systems to suit exactly the type of dog you own. Please browse our selection of Dog containment systems and choose the correct system for you and your pet. Happy Dogs , Happy Owners. Radio dog fences are great for keeping your dog in a specific area and prevent him/her from getting lost. Dog radio fences can be either wired or wireless. Petsafe wireless fence is one of the wireless dog fence system we carry that is of high quality

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