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Radio Electric Dog Fence

*Made in Europe with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee

The electronic invisible fence d-fence is a modern, safe and highly effective system that enables you to define the boundaries for your dog’s free movement very quickly and easily. This system offers an ideal solution in cases, when your dog does not respect the standard fence and keeps running away from your property, or if you need to demarcate an area within your property and you want your dog to keep out of this area, e.g. a children’s sandpit, a swimming pool, decorative garden beds etc. It is also very easy to install this device in places where it is impossible to use an ordinary fence. 

The ISIT function — Interference Signal Intensity Test detects the occurrence and the intensity of the interfering signals in the locations where you plan to install the antenna wire. This allows you to prevent possible problems with proper function.

*100m wire and flags included.

Included in delivery:
- 1x transmitter station for invisible dog fence DogTrace D-Fence 1001
- 1x collar for invisible dog fence DogTrace D-Fence 1001
- 1x mains adapter
- 1x CR2 3V lithium battery
- 2 contact pins long
- 2 contact pins short
- 1x training DVD
- 1x magnet
- Manual in English
- Test light

Dogtrace d-fence 1001 radio invisible dog fence for installations from 0m to 1200m

- easy installation and operation
- suitable for installation up to 1200 m
- floating zone setting
- contactless (magnetic) switch to change the receiver
- 8 different impulse levels from low to high.
- expandable for additional dogs just add extra collars / receivers.
- audio signal for advance warning when approaching the boundary wire.

Transmitter unit
- Warning zone: easily adjust the warning/beeping zone from 0.4 to 5 m from the new boundary wire.
- Correction zone: easily adjust the correction zone from 0.3mtr up to 1.5 mtr
- power connection: adapter 230V/50 Hz
- Max. coverage area: 9 ha
- Dimensions in mm: 150 x 120 x 40

- waterproof
- Dimensions in mm: 62 x 42 x 32
- Weight: 60 g (without battery)
- Power supply: CR2 3V battery
- Battery life: Standby mode / 6 months
- 8 different pulse levels of correction

See the complete manual here.


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13000 17000