Installing PetSafe Dog Containment Systems

How to install PetSafe systems is an important procedure and must be done right to not cause damage or hurt the dog which you are trying to contain. You must read the instructions that come with all PetSafe dog containment systems and follow the PetSafe manual's and set up procedures.

Petsafe system installation manuals are all available at the bottom of this page.


Petsafe System installation Video:

Issues & Solutions

Petsafe Receiver Collar is not beeping or correcting:

  • Check Battery to make sure it is installed properly.
  • Check that both lights are lit on the fence transmitter. If not, Perform the transmitter loop test.


The Transmitter Petsafe Collar is beeping, but the pet is not responding to the Static Correction

  • Test the receive collar with the test light walking toward the boundary wire.
  • If the test light flashes, check the fit of the receiver collar.
  • Slightly trim your pets fur to make sure the contact points are touching the neck
  • Increase the Static Correction level
  • Repeat training steps to reinforce training.


The Petsafe Wireless system collar activates inside the house

  • Turn the Boundary width Control Knob clockwise to increase the distance from the Boundary Wire that the receiver Collar activates. Verify the Boundary Control switch is placed at the proper setting according to the amount of Boundary Wire used.
  • Make sure the Boundary wire is not running within 15 feet of the house. The signal can transmit through the walls of your house.
  • Make sure Boundary Wires are twisted from Boundary to the fence transmitter



For the Petsafe Stubborn Dog fence system's manual click here.