Electric Dog Fences by Petsafe

Petsafe Ireland | Creating best moments with your pet since 1998

It goes without saying we’re a pet-loving brand. Right from the earliest days of PetSafe®, our love of pets meant we all shared the same dream to make PetSafe® one of the most trusted brands for pet owners the world over.

We strive to do this by living up to our company values to be trustworthy, empathetic, dedicated and genuine. It’s an ethos inspired by our CEO, who as a passionate pet owner, has created an open and honest culture. And this means we listen to our customers and each other and respond by making continuous improvements to our products and processes.

Everything we do is aimed at strengthening that unique and special relationship we know exists between an owner and their pet. Every product carrying our brand name is based on our understanding of the mutual love between pets and people.

Creating best moments for pets and ensuring their safety, health and happiness is as true today as it ever was. It’s what keeps our tails wagging.


protect. teach. love.

What sets our product development process apart is that it starts with hiring an extraordinary collection of scientists and pet-loving people devoted to the pet-friendliest planet possible.

Our in-house teams of engineers and specialists are constantly researching, testing and developing new products for pet owners. They also work closely with pet behaviourists and veterinary professional to ensure our products are effective at keeping your pets safe, happy and healthy.

The products we develop and sell reflect our promise to protect, teach and love our pets in equal measures (the purrfect combination, we think).



Our Company Values

Try – Try a lot of stuff and keep what works. Mistakes are recognised as a part of the learning and growing process. The only failure is failure to try.

Honesty – Our integrity is more important than short-term profit. We are open and honest with our fellow associates, our customers, our vendors,and our stockholders.

Environment – We create an environment of openness, equality and teamwork.

Win-win-win solutions – We believe in finding win-win-win solutions to every problem or opportunity.

Improvement – Continuing improvement in our company, our products and ourselves is fundamental to our culture.

Listen – We listen to customers, associates and vendors to find ways to improve our products and processes.

Last – We’re built to last. Radio Systems Corporation will be built, through its culture and its practices, to last for many generations.