The professional search device is equipped with the latest technology with high GPS sensitivity, which allows you to locate up to 9 dogs at a distance of up to 20 km . The device uses GPS and RF technology and is equipped with many features. It offers simple practical operation and a well-readable display even in direct sunlight. The color of the belt is orange.

Product description Search device DOG GPS X20 orange

DOG GPS X20  is a device used to search (locate) your dogs up to a distance of 20 km. It consists of a transmitter, which is placed on the dog's collar and a receiver (hand-held device) in neon orange, on which the handler monitors the distance and direction to the position of the dogs. The transmitter obtains its position from GPS satellites and transmits position information to the handler receiver using a radio frequency (RF) signal.     

The strength of the RF signal, the accuracy of the GPS position, the battery status of the transmitter and receiver can also be monitored on the receiver's display.

DOG GPS X20  also has additional functions - compass, FENCE - acoustic border, which provides information about exceeding the set distance from the receiver by your dog. It also has a BEEPER function thanks to which you can easily determine whether your dog is moving or standing still. The receiver allows you to save your current position and then navigate to this position (waypoint function).      

Device features:

  • The range  between the transmitter and receiver  is up to 20 km  in direct view (depending on the terrain, vegetation and other factors)
  • Possibility of monitoring up to 9 dogs on one receiver  
  • The latest technology with high GPS sensitivity in the receiver and transmitter  
  • Easy-to-read  receiver display - in direct sunlight and in the dark
  • Fully waterproof  receiver and transmitter
  • Long battery life  (more than 40 hours) - the receiver and transmitter are rechargeable
  • Compass function 
  • FENCE function - acoustic boundary to mark the space for the dog  
  • BEEPER function - detection of movement / standing of the dog  
  • Waypoint function - possibility to store 4 gps coordinates of the receiver - navigation to these
  • CAR mode function - mode for using the receiver (hand-held device) in the vehicle
  • Quick start  of the receiver (manual device)
  • The smallest and lightest collar  (transmitter) of competing devices
  • Simple control

Package contents:

  • Receiver incl. battery Li-Pol 1900 mAh
  • Clip  for hanging the receiver on a belt and 2 screws
  • Transmitter incl. 1900 mAh Li-Pol battery and orange plastic belt  
  • Dual power adapter, 2 pcs USB cable with charging clip for GPS
  • Cord  for hanging the receiver
  • Instructions and warranty card
  • Suitcase


If you have a small dog, you can order a narrower belt, which you set to a smaller circumference:

  • Plastic belt 25 mm × 70 cm (package contents)  - the smallest adjustable circumference is 29.5 cm
  • Plastic belt 20 mm × 70 cm - smallest adjustable circumference 26.5 cm
  • Plastic belt 15 mm × 70 cm - smallest adjustable circumference 26 cm
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