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Innotek | Dog Wired Radio Fence

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Innotek Standard Dog Containment System Dog fence

Keep your dog safe from rambling and traffic without taking his freedom.A safe and easy system to install. A great dog fence. Simple to Install.


  • A boundary wire is placed around the area in which you want to enclose your dog. This wire runs from a small unit that is plugged into a powerpoint.There is no electricity in the wire of the dog fence what so ever.
  • A receiver collar is placed on the dog.The dog fence boundary wire emits a simple radio signal.When the dog approaches the boundary the collar picks up the signal and beeps to let the dog know that he has reached the border.If the dog proceeds a correction or stimulation is applied.
  • Once the dog fence is installed simply allow a few days to train your dog so he/she knows the new boundary and your dog will stay at home.
  • The dog fence is capable of enclosing up to 5 acres and comes with enough wire to enclose about a half acre(150 mtr of wire).Extra wire is all that is needed to extend the boundary and it can be bought from us in 100 mtr rolls.
  • A dvd is supplied free of charge showing how to introduce your dog to the new dog fence .One collar is supplied and extra collars are available for extra dogs.Unquestionably the Most Trusted, Most Popular and the Best Dog Containment Systems available. Intensive work with veterinarians, and trainers has created the most advanced, most effective and the most humane containment systems anywhere.