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Petsafe | Small Dog Wired Micro Fence

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The Small Dog Micro fence is designed especially for small and toy dogs. This dogfence is a mini design so it fits neatly and comfortably on your small pet. It can be used on both cats and dogs. It is easy to install and very effective to keeping your small dog safe.


  • Adjustable waterproof receiver collar with stretch section
  • 5 levels of correction, plus tone-only option
  • Range of up to 10acres  (additional wire and flag kits required)
  • System works with multiple dogs/cats (additional receiver collars required)
  • Good and low-battery indicator
  • This system is fully compatible with the Super Radio Fence and the Standard Radio Fence.Suitable for small dogs and comes with everything you need for 1 dog and half an acre, the Petsafe Micro Radio Fence kit comes with 5 levels of correction and vibration built in, so you can set it to your dog's temperament. It works with a transmitter, boundary wire and a receiver. The boundary wire is shallowly laid, under lawn, concrete or tarmac. It is connected to a transmitter, which is usually placed in the house. The receiver is on the collar. The boundary must form a complete loop; you can make it as small or as large as you wish. When your dog approaches the boundary wire, he hears a warning tone. If he tries to cross the wire, he will receive a static correction. Safe to use on dogs weighing over 3.6kg (8lbs).
    Kit Includes:
  • have Extra wire and collars for the dogfence but can be purchased separately.
  • Transmitter with power adaptor
  • 150m of wire
  • Vibrating collar for neck sizes from 15cm - 40cm
  • Boundary flags
  • 9 volt battery
  • 5 settingsIn-Ground Fences 
  • An in-ground electronic fence provides a reliable, customisable way to keep your canine or feline companion safe in your garden. With some simple tools and a little bit of  DIY, you can plan your layout, bury wires in your yard or garden and start training your pet in one weekend. A full instructional DVD is included
  • Please note that all of the Petsafe In-Ground dog fence systems work with all the In-Ground Petsafe collars. Therefore you can buy a stubborn dog In-Ground system and buy a little dog extra collar and the whole system will work perfectly.